Workplace as a Service at Peab

Peab has contributed to building our community for sixty years. What began in 1959 with two very young brothers, Mats and Erik Paulsson, and a tractor is now Sweden’s largest and Scandinavia’s leading construction and property development company.

Many people, perhaps without even knowing it, have a connection to Peab’s work. It may be through their home, the place where their children go to school or the workplace.

With 15,000 employees, it is necessary to have a good and well-structuring structure for purchasing and management routines for computers and peripheral equipment. That’s where Britt plays a key role.

Britt has been on board and developed the construction giant’s services within clients for 13 of Peab’s 60 years of existence.

‘We have had a long and good collaboration,’ says head of IT Richard Jonsson, and explains how the partnership came into being in 2006.

‘The reason we chose Britt is that we immediately became a major and important customer, which was exactly how we wanted it to be. We wanted to have the attention of our supplier and now, thirteen years later, that is exactly what we have received.’

Richard Jonsson has been a part of the journey with Britt from the beginning and is responsible for the client platform.

‘What I appreciate the most is the close dialogue that we can have with our sales representatives and other staff at Britt. We often have contact on a daily basis. The benefit is quick decision-making channels, easily implemented changes and full focus.’

The well-oiled collaboration and dialogue have, among other things, resulted in Peab and Britt developing a good automatic flow of orders at an early stage in the collaboration and even automatic registration of computers with the relevant users.

‘The systems are integrated with the business system and when a computer is delivered from Britt, our system is fed information about the equipment which is then registered directly with the right users in our system.’

The well-functioning system is something that the parties created and developed together over the years based on Peab’s requirements.

What is it that is delivered first and foremost?

‘The largest volume is client PCs, but there are also increasing numbers of smartphones and tablets. We choose from a standard assortment that we offer the users, including everything from notebook PCs to ordinary stationary PCs and a variety of different mobile phones.’

It rarely or never involves larger quantities all at once.

‘No, orders never take place in batches to a construction site or office. The client packages are ordered individually. It also means that the technical service life of the equipment is spaced out.’ There are always computers that need to be replaced because they have reached the end of their service lives.

That’s where Peab IT’s pool inventory, which is administrated by Britt, comes into the picture and becomes an important part in the chain.

‘The inventory means that delivery times can be ensured. We re-use all equipment that still has a useful technical service life, which means, for example, if someone who stops working at Peab has a relatively new computer, it is returned to Britt and reconditioned and wiped clean so that it can go out in the next delivery,’ says Richard Jonsson. ‘We re-use as much as we can! It’s good for the environment and good from an economic perspective.’

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Customer: Peab

Number of employees: 15,000

Customer since: 2006

Assignment: Workplace as a Service