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Hi. We’re glad you found your way here. We’re Britt.

One of central Sweden’s major IT operators. But we also want to be a different kind of IT company.

A company that wants to help people and organisations realise their full potential. Simply put, a more benevolent IT company. Would you like to join us? Great! We are always curious about new people who want to join us on our journey. Connect with us!

At Britt you become a part of the team.

We believe in team spirit and building a future together. Welcome!

101 Employees

We currently have a total of 96 employees, but we need more. We are IT specialists, project managers, IT technicians, operating technicians, Servicedesk staff and coordinators – all experts within our areas.

Our strength

We have many different areas of expertise. That is our strength. Together we can take on large-scale, exciting and technically demanding IT projects.

Team Spirit

We believe in building the future together. We are a team where everyone has an equal share in our future.

Personal development

We believe that you thrive if you grow. That’s why we prioritise competence development for our employees.


Everyone likes to be seen and appreciated. That’s why we consciously work on caring a little extra.

Social activity

We spend a major part of our lives at work. It is important that we also have fun. Everyone feels good when they are having fun. A little joy and humour make the day more fun. We have an open, light-hearted and playful mood at Britt, so don’t be surprised if there’s a bit of mischief from time to time. We also have after-works regularly, we organise game nights or grill nights and enjoy hanging out together.

What you get as an employee

There is more to life than just work. We believe that a person who is happy and thrives will also produce results on the job. That’s why we always look for that something extra.

Of course, you receive favourable terms and a secure contract, but we offer more. When you work at Britt, you work half-days before every public holiday you choose your work equipment, promotional clothing and health/fitness subsidy, subsidised lunch and the possibility of a company car. Another nice benefit is that everyone gets an extra week of holiday when we achieve company goals. After all, what could be a better reward that even more time with your family and friends?

– ’YOU get an extra week of holiday! YOU get an extra week of holiday. EVERYONE gets an extra week of holiday’

Job Vacancies

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