Sport & Sponsorship

At Britt, we’re passionate about sport and athletics and are a proud sponsor of several local sport clubs in the cities in which we are located.

We believe that sport and athletics play an important role in the community, for the region and for children and youths. A successful team can also incite young people to participate in sports.

Many clubs also do important work for our children and youths, which we think is an important part of taking social responsibility and working with a long-term approach. Britt is a main partner of Schysst Framtid and an exclusive partner for homework assistance in VSK.


We currently have a full sponsorship portfolio and are not presently taking on any new agreements with additional clubs or teams. If you have a question about sponsorship for Britt, please contact your local office first. Contact information is provided here.

Homework Assistance

Homework assistance is provided every Monday for the club’s active children and youths in need of extra assistance with their studies. Schysst Framtid works preventively to counteract drugs, alcohol, racism and bullying in various ways, including homework assistance. The purpose is to bolster the self-confidence of children and youths and improve their self-image with inspiring, preventive lectures held by positive role models.

The Joy of Physical Activity

Most clubs and organisations with teams at the elite level also have important projects for children and youths. We believe that we are building a better future and health for our youths if we can participate and contribute to inspire and stimulate physical activity and sport in the early years. We live in a stationary and digital world where sport clubs play a very important role for the next generation’s health and well-being. They are a place for joy and fellowship with a focus on health.