Britt’s workplace services help companies and people develop and grow.

Your workplace is where you want it to be.

A workplace is much more than a computer on a desk. Sometimes creativity flows best when you are out on a run and the very best ideas come to mind when you are at the beach, at home or at a conference.

No matter where or how you work, we have products, services and solutions that we adapt to suit your unique requirements. Spend time doing what you do best and let Britt take care of the things that just have to work or be available. That is what we do best.

Britt offers service that are ideally adapted to your company and users’ unique needs; everything from clients, telephony solutions, software, printing and scanning, conference equipment, data accessories, connections, internet and programs.


Workplace as a service

You don’t have to think about the things that simply have to work.

Conference room and school

Save your ideas and decisions automatically and digitally. From SEK 1263/month

Office 365

Work and collaborate more efficiently and intelligently.

Software and licenses

Britt helps you gain control.

Printing as a service

Complete control over costs. From SEK 399/month

Telephony as a service

Freedom increases accessibility. From SEK 49/month/user