IT is the most important and critical infrastructure for today’s society, people and organisations.

You should have to worry about whether your IT works or not.

What happens if the IT infrastructure goes down? Hopefully, you don’t have to think about it. No matter whether Britt takes care of cloud services, hybrid solutions on-premise, outsourcing or completely tailor-made IT operation, you will always be able to count on your IT.

Britt decided to be the company that ensures that the infrastructure works just as well as you and everyone else expects. We call it IT that goes unnoticed.

Britt has a documented track record of quality IT operation. In fact, our track record is so good that we were the top-ranked Swedish IT company in the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency’s procurement process.


Application Operation

Secure access to your applications – at all times.


It simply must not be lost.

Distance Backup

You safeguard your data with distance backup.

Server Backup

Servers that are outsourced and operated by us.


A secure place with the organisation’s critical information is stored.

Managed Cloud

Our motivated and experienced experts can help you.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting or managed operation.

SLA (Service Level Agreements)

Britt offers four levels of service agreements.

Our Data Centre

We are a skilled provider of IT operation and IT services. In fact, we are so skilled that we were the top-ranked Swedish IT company in the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency’s procurement process. With the most points after an evaluation, we stood at the top of the list in the assessment…

…we were flattered. But this is also evidence that our routines, processes and data centres maintain the highest standards and security classes in the Swedish market.

Data centres:

EU-standard EN1047

The data centre is constructed in accordance with the highest Swedish SIS standard and the EU standard for secure data centres, EN1047.

The maximum number of rack positions is 45, which equates to a total of 5760 physical servers. Approximately 700 servers are currently in operation (physical/virtual).

Protection class 3

The alarm and locks maintain Protection class 3. There is an alarm for burglary, temperature, fire and humidity.

Seven security cameras are installed and store the last two weeks of recorded video material.

Fire class IE120

The fire extinguishing system is operated with Novec 1230, a clean, condensing, environmentally-friendly gas. It is pressurised with nitrogen to 25 bar and stored in three separate 100 litre steel tanks.

Two redundant Micra 100 detectors monitor the data centre continuously. Air enters the detector’s laser chamber where an exact measurement of the air’s darkening takes place, wherein extremely fast detection is assured.

Temperature +22 °C

Room temperature +22 °C ±2 °C. Relative air humidity 45 % RH ±5 %.

Eleven redundant air conditioners supplied with remote cooling change over automatically to tap water if the remote cooling fails. The centre consumes approximately 18 cubic metres per hour.

PUE 1.27

Seven UPS units deliver a total capacity of 300 kWh for an operating time of 30 minutes at full load.

Diesel-powered reserve generator (577 A, 400 kVa, 435 hp & 320 kW). Fuel consumption 25 l/h. Operating time 40 hours (without refuelling). Starts automatically after three seconds and delivers full output after fifteen seconds. EcoPar special diesel for reduced emissions and gentle operation. Functional testing once per month.

Switchgear with a capacity of 1000 Amperes and possibility of full bypass connection to up to nine UPS units. Full connection takes place automatically in case of a power failure and changeover to reserve power operation.