Development of business, employees, processes and communications are at the heart of many of our customers today.

Internal communication is becoming more and more important.

We know that a really good intranet can contribute to a smoothly operating organisation or smarter system development. We also know that an intranet that your employees want to use must be easy to use and trouble-free.

Sometimes we build small intranets and sometimes we build very large and advanced intranets. With the right collaborative spaces and mobile solutions, flexibility for employees is increased and thus the use and efficiency.

Britt’s solutions are based on ideas and visions of simpler and more efficient business processes, reduced costs and improved productivity. This applies to everything from system development to integration, system administration and operation. And this is the case no matter whether we build solutions in Office 365, SharePoint or some other platform.


Day-to-Day Control

It saves time and resources while improving delivery accuracy in the organisation.


We build intranets with various functions for our customers, adapted specifically to the customer.

Management and Quality System

Click on a process or a phase and all corresponding documents are displayed.

Time reporting

Everyone knows how cumbersome it can be.

Project Locations & Collaborative Areas

We built smart project locations and collaborative areas for our customers.

Onboarding - Process Management System

Do you often find that you are juggling too many tasks at once?

System Integration

What is system integration and what is it good for?

Case Management as a Service

How long does a case actually take?