Britt gives your freedom. Freedom with responsibility.

It’s secure, we promise!

You want freedom. Of course! Freedom to work where you want, with what you want, without worrying about whether the connection works or if your data is protected.

Good communications solutions are often the foundation for a secure, accessible and flexible infrastructure. For this to work, there is a demand for constantly updated security products and solutions that protect your communications and data.

Britt makes sure that everything involved with sending information – internet, WAN, LAN, Wifi, 4G, VPN, etc. – operates securely and flexibly.

We ensure first and foremost that everything works as well as intended, regardless of where you choose to work, which unit you use or what time of day you choose to work.

You can be sure of it.


LAN/WIFI - at the Office

Network as a Service - Wireless and Wired

Internet Connection

Internet via District Network


Unfortunately, IT is vulnerable.