Recycling Clients

Recycling is a matter that is close to our hearts. We handle more than 10,000 clients for our customers each year in our work station as a service. That’s why environmental work and recycling are so important to us.

All companies and organisations impact the environment negatively in various ways. For service companies, travel, IT, energy consumption and consumption of office materials usually have the greatest impact on the climate. Although consumption of electricity and travel, among other things, can usually be reduced, it is unlikely that it can be eliminated entirely or even have a positive influence on the environment.

With re-use, the relationship is the opposite. By re-using IT equipment instead of scrapping and recycling it, a directly negative burden on the environment is converted to a positive influence on the environment.

1,8 tons

of raw materials, chemicals and energy are used to produce a single computer

109 kilo

of carbon dioxide emissions are saved by recycling a single computer.

10 years

is the duration that a refrigerator can be powered by recycling a single computer.

Re-use or recycle?

In Sweden, many organisations recycle large volumes of IT equipment, although a major share of the products could be re-used. The majority of used IT products can be used again in Sweden or in other countries. We take care of the reconditioning, re-use and deletion of all data ourselves.

For re-sale and environmentally-compatible recycling of equipment, we work with Inrego, which is certified in accordance with ISO 14001. In our collaboration with Inrego, it is ensured that all re-sale is handled in a responsible manner so that only products with a long remaining service life are re-sold and the export of electronic scrap is counteracted.