Quality Management

Britt Västerås AB, Britt Eskilstuna AB and Britt Stockholm AB are quality-certified in accordance with SO 9001. ISO 9001 is a management system standard for organisational processes in a company or an organisation.

A management system describes how we continuously improve and adapt our operations in order to satisfy customer needs. As customer of Britt, which is an ISO 9000 certified company, you know with certainty that everything is in order with us.

What does it take to receive an ISO 9001 certificate?

  • To gain certification in accordance with ISO 9001, a management system is required first and then the organisation must fulfil the requirements specified by the standard.
  • The certification is verification that the organisation’s quality work is truly effective. It is also a way to respond to demands from customers and suppliers.
  • In many cases it is necessary to be certified to merely participate in procurement processes.

ISO 9001 is based on 7 principles:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Employee involvement
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Factual approach to decision-making
  • Relationship management

Systematic approach to quality management

Our model for quality management is based on four pillars. This model is the result of work on continuous improvement. This is an excerpt of the work and the parts we work with.


  • How do we affect quality? (Quality aspects)
  • With which laws and regulations must we be familiar?
  • Quality objectives
  • Different departments
  • Different process
  • Plan of action


  • Who is responsible for what?
  • Training, understanding and competence
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Readiness for emergency situations – routines, processes and instructions

Control and corrective measures

  • What must we measure?
  • What do we do when something goes wrong? (Deviations, corrective and preventive measures).
  • Auditing of the system (application, expediency, effectiveness)

Learn and act

  • Are we working with the right things?
  • Are we working the right way?
  • Are guidelines applied?
  • When do we achieve results?
  • What happens going forward?
  • How do we plan for this?

Quality control

Britt works actively with quality control at all levels of the company and has developed an application that supports quality work in the organisation. At Britt, we practice what we preach and use an advanced version of the system itself.

The system handles components including:

  • Control documents
  • Processes for routines, monitoring and approvals
  • Returns, DOA and other warranty issues
  • Enquiries, quotations
  • Orders
  • Subcontractors
  • Service calls, installation and support

With the help of this system and the routines we have in place, we can also ensure that our subcontractors fulfil the requirements established in connection with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ISO and ITIL support

Britt is certified according to the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and undertakes to fulfil the applicable requirements specified by those standards. All work relating to operation is carried out based on ITIL and its framework with elements that are even more stringent than the ISO standards. We work with strong system support that fulfils a series of components of ITIL and we work with Easit, which has been introduced in a large number of municipalities and government bodies to support this process work.

In short, Britt’s organisation complies with the four central pillars of ISO 9001:

  • Quality management (information system, internal audits, control group and management participation in projects and effective documentation within relevant areas)
  • Management responsibility (focus, policy, planning and goals)
  • Resource management (resource allocation, competence and degree of utilisation)
  • Performance management (monitoring, analysis and improvement)

Quality Policy

For us at Britt, quality is meeting requirements together with our customers, suppliers, employees and other interested parties. Our goal is to satisfy customers’ actual requirements with products and services in the right quality. In the process, we contribute to our customers’ and our own advancement. Everyone at Britt is responsible for ensuring compliance with the quality requirements:

Customer focus in everything we do

We achieve this by understanding the customer’s requirements and needs and by contributing to the customer’s development.

Meet the customer’s expectations

By delivering according to the customer’s wishes, error-free and on time

Best possible processes

By carrying out our work efficiently and in the shortest possible time. By doing it the right way from the beginning and providing fault-free deliveries even within and between the processes.

Continuous improvements

Take place within quality-influenced processes by means of measuring and monitoring goals and plans for improvement.

Good ethics

Britt is a company characterised by good ethics. We view our mandate with a sense of great responsibility and humility. Ethics is also a component of our common values that we develop together with our employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Customer opinion

It is the customer’s opinion – not our own – that determines how well we have succeeded. Britt’s policy document will be communicated openly to the customer and their personnel by means of publication. This ensures that all employees always have access to, are trained according to and comply with the policies that are continuously subjected to critical review. We will ensure the standard of our quality work is maintained by evaluating the organisation in step with changes as they take place.