Morals & Ethics

Customer focus in everything we do

For us, quality is meeting requirements together with our customers, suppliers, employees and other interested parties. Our goal is to satisfy customers’ actual requirements with products and services in the right quality. We achieve this by understanding the customer’s requirements and needs and by contributing to the customer’s development.

Customer opinion

It is the customer’s opinion – not our own – that determines how well we have succeeded.

Britt’s policy document will be communicated openly to the customer and their personnel by means of publication. This ensures that all employees always have access to, are trained according to and comply with the policies that are continuously subjected to critical review. 

Meet the customer’s expectations

By delivering according to the customer’s wishes, error-free and on time.

Best possible processes

By carrying out our work efficiently and in the shortest possible time. By doing it the right way from the beginning and providing fault-free deliveries even within and between the processes.

Continuous improvements

Take place within quality-influenced processes by means of measuring and monitoring goals and plans for improvement.

Good ethics

Britt is a company characterised by good ethics. We view our mandate with a sense of great responsibility and humility. Ethics is also a component of our common values that we develop together with our employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Our four core values

Security: We are a reliable and stable partner, we are available to our customers and our solutions maintain a high security level.

Quality: We deliver services and products in the highest quality and the customer’s needs are always the starting point.

Effectiveness: We create competitive advantages, focus on cost-effectiveness and deliver on time.

Ethics and morals: We keep our promises, follow laws and regulations and conduct ourselves with fairness and humility.

Ethics policy

The actions of all Britt employees will always be based on what is considered good ethics. For this reason, we have established some ethical principles to guide us in our day-to-day work. Our ethical principles are based on a fundamental concept of mankind, wherein

  • every person is of equal value
  • every person has talents, skills and experience that can be utilised and developed
  • every person wants to take responsibility for their situation and their actions

Our ethical principles

In business relations with customers and other business partners, our work shall be based on good professional ethics within the relative area of competence and our assignment is carried out on a high level, both commercially and qualitatively.

This means, among other things:

  • Our work is based on a thorough analysis of our customers’ requirements, objectives and expectations.
  • We provide comprehensible information about the services we offer.
  • We live up to the terms of our contracts and agreements.
  • We are restrictive in terms of giving and receiving gifts, trips and other benefits and are subdued in representation.