Digitalisation at Byggessen

Anders Berglund is in his third year as CEO of Byggessen. He took on the task of digitalising the company and chose Britt as the complete solution provider.

– The construction sector faces an enormous challenge in digitalising and has a great deal to gain by accepting the challenge, says Anders Berglund.

As the company’s first external CEO and without a background in the construction sector, Anders Berglund saw the IT challenges facing Byggessen – and the possibilities that followed them.

‘We were working with a pen and paper. We had one person who had an oversight of the financial system while the rest of the staff was focussed on practical implementation of the job on site, without insight into the other parts of the project. So I saw that things had to proceed quickly.’

After a thorough procurement process with four major IT companies in town, Britt won the contract. The assignment has now been under way for a year and a half and includes workplace, IT operation, operational support and intranet. The first challenge was building an IT platform that could provide substantial support for Byggessen to build upon. Britt delivered a comprehensive solution with IT operation, servers with workstations, service desk and printing. The hardware and software installation was a smooth process. Anders Berglund explains:

‘We had the same technician from Britt throughout the entire installation of the new IT platform. That made it a secure installation, with one technician with a complete understanding of every step and what was done on every unit.’

Anders Berglund explains the mission of digitalising and increasing IT knowledge in the construction sector:

‘Generally speaking, our IT knowledge is very low within the construction sector and we need to step it up considerably. A bonus that I think I achieved when we updated our hardware and platform was that all users have to improve a little bit. It occurs almost automatically. You see something new on the screen, try it out and learn while doing so. By making the change, we were forced to improve our IT knowledge.’

Byggessen chose to include the service desk service, with a half-hour of free IT support per month. If an employee encounters an IT-related problem, they can contact the Britt service desk themselves.

‘It works really well delegating problems directly to the solution. And they manage to resolve 99 of 100 cases in the half hour. That was a very good thing.

Different Islands

The new IT platform has not been in operation for a year and a half. The next step, after replacing the IT platform and hardware and software, was to procure a business system. Despite the company’s 20 years of operation in the sector, Byggessen had never had a business system. As a new addition to the company, Anders Berglund saw the possibilities of gathering everything into a standardised support system encompassing the entire organisation.

‘We had all of our IT on different islands,’ explains Anders Berglund. ‘We had IT operation with a company on one island, the payroll system on another island, the finance and accounting system on a third island and incoming invoices, etc. on a fourth island. I knew which business system I wanted to get and knew that Britt handled its operation for other customers. I felt like I was making the right decision by choosing this business system and would not run into problems with it. Britt has been in charge of its operation for a year now.’

What was it that made you choose Britt?

‘Britt’s offer was very beneficial economically and they packaged all of the costs for us. This made it easy to gain an overview of what we were paying for. They also suggested technical solutions that would make our IT platform more efficient. We upgraded to a newer interface for Microsoft products without any major additional expense. In consideration of all these factors combined, we chose Britt,’ explains Anders Berglund.

The third and most recent project together with Britt is to establish a common intranet for Byggessen. The company is ISO-certified and has a process-controlled management system that must be followed on every level – from the smallest screw to a larger work site accident. In case of a deviation from the normal process, the system issues a deviation and the company is given the opportunity to improve.

‘Today, construction jobs in the field follow it via a handbook carried in the pocket, and we will continue with that approach. But we are improving it so that there is better digital support. This entails that in the event of a work accident, the construction worker can go into the system and report the incident themselves while it is still a recent memory.

‘In order to manage this, we need a well-functioning intranet so that everyone in the organisation can easily find their part of the process. Britt recommended that we use SharePoint, which operates within Microsoft Office 365,’ says Anders Berglund.

He explains that Byggessen wants to be a role model in the sector and believes that they can attract personnel by having good process management:

‘We believe that when it becomes known further down in the organisation that we have our processes in order, the word will spread. We aren’t just thinking about how the drywall should be hung, rather the entire process from start to finish. That is the type of employer people want to work for.’

Total Solution Provider

Byggessen found the total solution provider for IT that they were looking for in Britt. Anders Berglund believes in the solution:

‘Yes, I believe that it is the future. I believe that a businessman must focus on doing business and leaving the rest to others who are professionals in their area. Even if it costs a little extra, I know you save money over time.’

Anders Berglund would like to share another piece of advice, that a businessman should attempt to adapt their organisation to one of the more well-known standards rather than the opposite:

‘The more special solutions you have to add, the more adaptations that are required and the more there is that can go wrong. If you can follow a generally known standard instead, it makes for an easy transition.

Naturally, you are met with scepticism from various parts of the organisation when you replace an entire IT platform all at once. But at Byggessen they are convinced that the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages when the pieces fall into place over time. Anders Berglund believes that many companies have a lot to gain by changing their IT approach. Not only economically.

‘With the change to the new platform, whole new world has opened up for everyone who works for us. You see much more of your project – and we manage to take corrective actions to a much greater extent than previously if something is headed in the wrong direction.’


Customer: Byggessen

Number of employees:40

Turnover:SEK 200 million

Customer since: February 2017

Assignment: Workplace, printing, IT operation, intranet, operational support, help desk and communications and security.

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“‘I believe that the construction has a lot to gain by mixing up the organisation with a combination of competences – and daring to digitalise. And the support you need for this process can be found in Britt, who are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to IT.’”

Anders Berglund