Daily Control at Oxelösunds Hamn AB

20 minutes to Skavsta Airport. Motorway E4, which connects Stockholm and Helsingborg is situated immediately outside and the railway runs down to the docks. Combine that with a harbour bed depth of 16 metres.

Port of Oxelösund has an exceptional location in the Baltic Sea. With the help of Britt, Port of Oxelösund was able to become even better.

Logistics are everything in a harbour. In addition to large ships, millions of cubic metres of goods and cranes, all of the data accumulating during operations must be accounted for. Port of Oxelösund is a service company that sells services with a vision of being Europe’s best stevedoring. The port work according to the motto ‘The All-Inclusive Port’ and offers more than just traditional loading and unloading of ships.

What are your challenges within IT?

‘The challenge is that we do so many different things. Consequently, we also have a great many different systems that we work with,’ explains Daniel Johansson.

With the help of Britt’s competence, Port of Oxelösund has developed a digital version of a whiteboard which is used to manage operations according to a lean concept, so-called day-to-day control.

‘Britt has developed a smartboard solution, a digital whiteboard. We established control of operations with the whiteboard. As usual, with paper and whiteboard, there is a great demand to constantly update with new and updated information.

‘You have to be on site physically, exchange paperwork and change planning and monitor goals. All it takes is for someone in the organisation to get sick, then you have a hole to fill,’ explains Daniel Johansson.

‘Britt’s solution is based on automation. It continuously collects updated information from our personnel system, among other places. It is like a mini-database that is updated continuously with all events, postings and times. You don’t have to be on site physically. You can also make changes with smartphones and computers,’ says Daniel Johansson.

Britt has developed the new digital whiteboard using Microsoft’s Sharepoint collaborative platform.

Sharepoint itself is basically a web-based solution for storing, sharing and handling information within the company. Many companies use the platform to handle files and construct an intranet, but Sharepoint can do so much more and is a very important part of companies’ digitalisation of operations.

‘Continuing with Sharepoint was the obvious choice. We have been working awhile managing our operations in the cloud.’

The digital whiteboard has changed the work significantly for the staff.

‘We manage a lot of information via the daily control board. The staff gets a response in real-time, the digital whiteboard is always updated and the staff now has an information advantage over what they had before. It is also an easy way to visualise, it is more educational to provide objective numbers which perhaps were not so fun to look at before,’ says Daniel Johansson.

The personnel also have iPads at the machines to enter order management, such as loading processes with how many tons and the relevant customer. The information is then sent directly to the system in real-time. The system automatically calculates average times and the target number, which are shown directly on the digital whiteboard. This previously required a great deal of manual work at Port Oxelösund.’

‘It is an enormous lift. It saves a lot of time,’ Says Daniel Johansson.

Why did you choose Britt?

‘We received a lot of feedback about what we intended to do. They have very knowledgeable staff with whom it is easy to brainstorm. We are happy with Britt in the development of the day-to-day control. They are very flexible. We just have to call and they take care of our concerns.’ – Daniel Johansson

How important is it for the port to digitalise operations?

‘I think it is just as important as for any company with competitors. Moving paper back and forth is no longer sufficient. You can no longer afford all the mistakes that can occur. We used to deal with a lot of paperwork and being outdoors complicated matters. It took a lot of time to go into a ship with paperwork and out again. There was an incredible amount of digitalisation required. We also saw a great deal of potential in regard to automation, in particular. If you can succeed in sending the available data to the right people automatically, it goes a long way to facilitating logistics,’ concludes Daniel Johansson.


Customer: Oxelösunds Hamn

Number of employees: 222

Turnover: SEK 330 million

Customer since: 2017

Assignment: Day-to-Day Control

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